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Photographing Birds At A Feeder

How to photograph birds at your feeder and get pro results!

Click here and be surprised at what you can do too! 

Orchid Home Studio

1r6a8497ttpShooting an orchid in my home studio.  Why did they come out looking like a darn cartoon?  I dunno, you tell me.

Check it out here and give me some advice.

5DSr for Eagles

1R6A6203TTPMore Eagles, but this time, I use my Canon 5DSr.  A good camera for birds in flight?

Click here to see some Eagles!

How to Make and Photograph a Kaleidoscope

IMG_8232TTPThis is not for amateurs.  Pros only.  Don’t go here unless you are prepared.  I show you how to make a kaleidoscope and use your digital SLR camera to photograph those trippy colors and patterns.  Oh ya, you found the place.

Click here if you have way too much time on your hands.

Fred & Jamie

IMG_7265TTPsmAw, there I went and did it again.  I shot pictures of beautiful people.  This time I set a “studio” in my living room with a bed sheet and a few flashes.

Click here to see how you can set up your own studio with nothing but a bed sheet, a flash, and some beautiful people.

Vulture Dines on Racoon

IMG_6850TTPTurkey vulture versus a Racoon? Really, I think Rocky bit it long before these diners showed up.

Click here, grab a fork, napkin, and some good antacid as you are gonna eat well.

LightRoom Tutorial: Lillies

YouTubePlay How about a nice tutorial video on how to use LightRoom to make a pretty Water Lilly picture from a blown out, crooked mess of a photo?  Oh, I knew you were looking for just this.

Click here to watch my tutorial video on LightRoom picture editing.

Cape May Butterflies

IMG_1209TTPSo where do you go to snap pics of the elusive and rare butterfly?  What, never saw one before?  Well head down to Cape May New Jersey in September and you will find them there.

Click here for migrating, Cape May Butterflies.

Winter Day in a Nature Reserve

IMG_1622TTPJust a few shots from a winter day at a New Jersey nature reserve.

Click here to see what is out there on a stupidly cold day.

Photo Illusion – Snow in Summer

IMG_1353TTP Wha?? Is that snow?  Why it is June.  I snagged some cool photos that appear to be snow in June.

Check out a chilly June here.

More Killer Eagle Shots

IMG_9064TTPKiller Eagles!  And that they do!  In addition to the typical carnage, I provide some tips written by a real professional, Bill Jobes.

Click here for tips from a real professional!

Flowers and LR5’s Radial Filter

IMG_6625TTPLightroom 5.Oh is buggy, wait for 5.2, but the new radial filter tool is pretty cool.  Examples here.

Click here for radial filter goodness.

Shooting Hummingbirds 2 of 2

IMG_5135TTPBlasting hummers with a dual blast of flash!  Freeze ’em.  Shoot ’em. Blast ’em!

Click here for how to shoot hummingbirds with a flash.

Luray Caverns and Cool HDR

IMG_1943_4_5TTPLuray Caverns are really magnificent caves located about a 1.5 hour drive east from Washington DC in Luray VA and just on the west side of Shenandoah National Park.  I went there to hunt Cave Trolls but just shot photographs instead.  Shot some cool HDR and processed them with Photomatix.

Click here to check out some dead Cave Trolls and HDR photos here.

Oystercatcher, Chick, & Tricky Lighting

IMG_0524TTPI am so proud of these pics.  Proud because these types of picture opportunities are rare and when they do present themselves, I usually panic and mess something up.  This Oystercatcher, chick, and two eggs are just too cool and cute.

Click here for cuteness and a bit on exposure compensation.