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5DSr Indigo Bunting

1R6A0724TTPMake it blue please!  Look at this great bird… just cool.

Click here for Indigo Buntings from my Canon 5DSr.

LightRoom Tutorial: Lillies

YouTubePlay How about a nice tutorial video on how to use LightRoom to make a pretty Water Lilly picture from a blown out, crooked mess of a photo?  Oh, I knew you were looking for just this.

Click here to watch my tutorial video on LightRoom picture editing.

Shooting With Your Computer

IMG_2993TTPHow to use a computer to control your camera and snag great bird pictures. 

Click here to turn your backyard into a famous photography studio!

Flowers and LR5’s Radial Filter

IMG_6625TTPLightroom 5.Oh is buggy, wait for 5.2, but the new radial filter tool is pretty cool.  Examples here.

Click here for radial filter goodness.

Photo Software Recommendations

IMG_8364TTPDo you need to tweak your pictures in software?  Yes you do.  Don’t like sitting behind a computer?  Nerd work?  You will sit behind a computer to tweak your photos and yes you are a nerd.

Click here to see some pretty flowers and my recommendations for photo editing software.