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Fred & Jamie

IMG_7265TTPsmAw, there I went and did it again.  I shot pictures of beautiful people.  This time I set a “studio” in my living room with a bed sheet and a few flashes.

Click here to see how you can set up your own studio with nothing but a bed sheet, a flash, and some beautiful people.

Groovy Soap Bubble Photography

IMG_3641TTPWhoaa…… dude!  Look at all the colors…. do you see what I see?  Gee… I think I can fly….

Click here to leave home without really flying.

Yellow Rumps and Flash

IMG_0825TTPBirds, berries, yellow rumps, and a flash.  Ooooooo…….. did you realize you hit the jackpot with this post?

Click here to see some yellow Rumps caught with a flash.

Good Lookin’ People

IMG_0388TTP-2Do you wish that you had a good looking family?  I always did.  Check out some folks who can make a bad photographer (me) look good… er…  at least make for good photos.

Click here to see some good looking people.

Shooting Hummingbirds 2 of 2

IMG_5135TTPBlasting hummers with a dual blast of flash!  Freeze ’em.  Shoot ’em. Blast ’em!

Click here for how to shoot hummingbirds with a flash.

Pretty Women and Fill Flash

IMG_9579EWhat is better than looking at pictures of pretty women?  Why reading about fill flash of course!


Click here for more of my nieces and how I used fill flash.