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Bob Madden, National Geographic Photographer

9Cape Buffalo Tongue 1047 copyBob Madden is the real deal.  He is taking folks around the world on photography shoots.

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More Killer Eagle Shots

IMG_9064TTPKiller Eagles!  And that they do!  In addition to the typical carnage, I provide some tips written by a real professional, Bill Jobes.

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Wood Ducks & Your Point of View

Taking a different point of view often means just getting down to eye level with your subjects. This works especially well with waterfowl, wading birds and shorebirds. And you can do it no matter what equipment you are using! Sit on your haunches, lie on the ground, or, if using a tripod, don’t extend the legs, just spread them out and kneel down behind it to take your shots.

Change your point of view, I think you’ll like what you  see!

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