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Red Bellied WoodPecker and 600mm

Red Bellied WoodPecker!  Shot with my new Canon 600mm Gen II, the results are great.

Click here to pick a pack of pecker pics.

Photographing Birds At A Feeder

How to photograph birds at your feeder and get pro results!

Click here and be surprised at what you can do too! 

Cape May Butterfly & Moth

Really, more pics of bugs?  Yea, get over it.

Click here for a butterfly and moth.  Oooooo Ahhh…

Orchid Home Studio

1r6a8497ttpShooting an orchid in my home studio.  Why did they come out looking like a darn cartoon?  I dunno, you tell me.

Check it out here and give me some advice.

5DSr Indigo Bunting

1R6A0724TTPMake it blue please!  Look at this great bird… just cool.

Click here for Indigo Buntings from my Canon 5DSr.

5DSr for Eagles

1R6A6203TTPMore Eagles, but this time, I use my Canon 5DSr.  A good camera for birds in flight?

Click here to see some Eagles!

Canon 5DsR and Moiré – Not A Problem

1R6A0920TTPNo, moire is not the guy in this picture here, although it does look like someone I used to date.  Moire is no problem with the new Canon 5DSr.

Click here to see the rare evils of moire.

Home Studio Equipment

1R6A8418TTP-2Now things get nuts.  I got advice on buying some home studio equipment for flashes and such.

Click here for some advice.

Amaryllis and Home Studio

1R6A6967TTPHow to set a home studio with nothing but a blanket, some beer, and some cheap lights.  Oh yea, don’t forget the beer… you will need plenty.

Click here for some info!

Great Horned Owl & 5DSr

1R6A3221TTP-2Check out my friend.  She suffers from insomnia so don’t mind her stare.

Click here for more of those Betty Davis eyes.

Double Crested Cormorants

1R6A3750TTPUgly bird, cool camera, lotsa mouth watering fish eating action.

Oh yea, gimme the sushi! Click here.

Micro Focus Align Ruler

1R6A1560TTP-3Neurotic?  Wanna improve your focus?  Get a doctor.

Or click here on a free way to adjust your lens.

Canon 5DSr Quick Review

1R6A0779TTPMy new stupid expensive 5DSr… yes you want one!

Click here for some pics and comments on this 51 megapixel marvel.

Cars! Radnor 2015

1R6A3150TTP-2More fabulous cars at the 2015 Radnor Hunt Concours.

Click here if you want to know how poor you really are.