Red Bellied WoodPecker and 600mm

Red Bellied WoodPecker!  Shot with my new Canon 600mm Gen II, the results are great.

Click here to pick a pack of pecker pics.

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Photographing Birds At A Feeder

How to photograph birds at your feeder and get pro results!

Click here and be surprised at what you can do too! 

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Orchid Home Studio

1r6a8497ttpShooting an orchid in my home studio.  Why did they come out looking like a darn cartoon?  I dunno, you tell me.

Check it out here and give me some advice.

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5DSr Indigo Bunting

1R6A0724TTPMake it blue please!  Look at this great bird… just cool.

Click here for Indigo Buntings from my Canon 5DSr.

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5DSr for Eagles

1R6A6203TTPMore Eagles, but this time, I use my Canon 5DSr.  A good camera for birds in flight?

Click here to see some Eagles!

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Canon 5DsR and Moiré – Not A Problem

1R6A0920TTPNo, moire is not the guy in this picture here, although it does look like someone I used to date.  Moire is no problem with the new Canon 5DSr.

Click here to see the rare evils of moire.

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Home Studio Equipment

1R6A8418TTP-2Now things get nuts.  I got advice on buying some home studio equipment for flashes and such.

Click here for some advice.

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Amaryllis and Home Studio

1R6A6967TTPHow to set a home studio with nothing but a blanket, some beer, and some cheap lights.  Oh yea, don’t forget the beer… you will need plenty.

Click here for some info!

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Great Horned Owl & 5DSr

1R6A3221TTP-2Check out my friend.  She suffers from insomnia so don’t mind her stare.

Click here for more of those Betty Davis eyes.

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Double Crested Cormorants

1R6A3750TTPUgly bird, cool camera, lotsa mouth watering fish eating action.

Oh yea, gimme the sushi! Click here.

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Micro Focus Align Ruler

1R6A1560TTP-3Neurotic?  Wanna improve your focus?  Get a doctor.

Or click here on a free way to adjust your lens.

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Cars! Radnor 2015

1R6A3150TTP-2More fabulous cars at the 2015 Radnor Hunt Concours.

Click here if you want to know how poor you really are.

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