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Canon 5DsR and Moiré – Not A Problem

1R6A0920TTPNo, moire is not the guy in this picture here, although it does look like someone I used to date.  Moire is no problem with the new Canon 5DSr.

Click here to see the rare evils of moire.

Micro Focus Align Ruler

1R6A1560TTP-3Neurotic?  Wanna improve your focus?  Get a doctor.

Or click here on a free way to adjust your lens.

Canon 5DSr Quick Review

1R6A0779TTPMy new stupid expensive 5DSr… yes you want one!

Click here for some pics and comments on this 51 megapixel marvel.

Macro Lens vs Extension Tubes

5 100mm MacroShould you buy a macro lens or use extension tubes.  I show you examples of each and give you my recommendation.  Hint: I save you big money!!!

Click here for some advice.

Monitor Calibration – Getting colors correct

MonitorGeeky stuff for the neurotic among us.  Did you know your monitor sucks when it comes to color?  Oh yea it does and you have to do something about it.

Click here to get good color and read about my new, $2000.00 NEC PA301W monitor.

Shooting With Your Computer

IMG_2993TTPHow to use a computer to control your camera and snag great bird pictures. 

Click here to turn your backyard into a famous photography studio!

Best Bird Field Guides

IMG_8559TTPWanna know how to identify a chicken from an eagle?  Wanna tell your innocent little four year old what kind of bird is jammed into your radiator?  Get a bird book, or what the Birder Brains call a Field Guide.  I tell you what to get and what to avoid.

Click here for the key to knowledge.

Tripod Heads: Ball vs Joystick Pistol

ManfFieldTTPChoosing a tripod head?  This is not an easy decision as there is a dizzying array of cool stuff for sale.  In this blog piece, I will try and help you with what I think is the biggest decision for a tripod head: Do you choose a ball head, pistol-type, or the old school 3-way pan/tilt type system?

Click here and I tell you what I use and how to decide.

Lens Comparison What Millimeters Do

Wanna know what happens when you move from a wide angle to a telephoto lens?  Your voice deepens and you get more dates!!!

Click here and get big!

Car Pics From a Point and Shoot

DSCN0460TTPDo you need a modern DSLR?  Do you need megapixels?  Do you need classic cars? Do you need beer?

If you answered “no” to anyone of these questions, please go away, this post is not for you.

American Bittern and 1.4x Teleconverter

I’ve been shooting birds now for about three years and only saw this gem once.  The American Bittern is one beautiful heron.  They hide in the tall grasses and are not easy to find.  I was driving along a salt marsh very slowly, close to the left side of the road, and almost missed this guy.  Actually I drove past him and something didn’t look quite right, so I put it into reverse, backed up slowly, and there he was!  I was so glad I stopped.

Click here for more of this cool heron.

Lithium Batteries – Bad For Your Flash

I thought I would share a “technical incident” I experienced the other week.  I had a bad experience using Lithium batteries in my Canon Speedlight 430EX flash.  In short, I don’t recommend using lithium batteries in your flash.  Of course, YMMV, but I won’t use them anymore.

Click here to learn of the Evil that is Lithium.

Juvenile Osprey 1.4x Teleconverter Review

Here are some comparison shots of a juvenile Osprey with and without a Canon 1.4x II teleconverter for your review.  If you want to get more length and you don’t want to order something from late night TV, a teleconverter may be for you.

Click here to learn more about increasing magnification and seeing some flesh-ripping talons.

Flowers, A Pool, & Canon 70-200mm Lens

My Canon 70-200mm L f/2.8 IS lens is just killer.  Just fantastic.  I used this lens to shoot some flowers in front of the blue background of a swimming pool.


Click here to read about this lens and see some neat photos with a killer background.