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Macro Lens vs Extension Tubes

Should you buy a macro lens or use extension tubes.  I show you examples of each and give you my recommendation.  Hint: I save you big money!!! Click here for some advice.

Macro Lens vs Extension Tubes

Should you buy a macro lens or try extension tubes? So you want to take pictures of bugs and flower parts eh? Your lens just won’t let you get that close and now you decided you must spend some bucks and buy a lens that calls itself “macro”. Well before you bury your head in […]

Turtle Heads & Extension Tubes Review

Doing macro photography the cheap way: with extension tubes.  If you have a zoom lens and you want to get into macro photography, then try extension tubes as they are cheap and easy (well cheaper than a good macro lens anyway). Click here to see a box turtle head close up and read about extension […]

Turtle Heads & Extension Tubes Review

Using Extension Tubes for Macro Photography Box Turtle I found this guy (or gal?) sitting on the yellow center stripes of a road near my home while I was out for a run.  I just had to rescue this guy from the most dangerous animal in my neighborhood:  a Philly, Main-Line house frau in a […]

Flowers Color & Mood

Color & Mood I have tons of flower pics. I love the experience of taking them, tweaking them in LightRoom, and showing them on my bright, big professional monitor. The other day I was flipping through my library and grabbed a few quick ones for publication here on my blog. What grabbed me about these […]

How to Make and Photograph a Kaleidoscope

Making and Photographing a Kaleidoscope I think I went over the top this time. Who in the heck does stuff like this? Maybe I should see a shrink and get myself straightened out. Not only did this test the depth of my tenacity and attention to detail, but it really put my masculinity on trial. […]

Cape May Butterflies

Is there something wrong with me? I noticed something the other day. I don’t know what to make of it. I found that when I am out enjoying my hobby, doing my art, expressing my inner innards, swimming in geek….. I share a hobby with a bunch of old ladies. Engrossed in some technical puzzle […]

Groovy Soap Bubble Photography

Groovy Has Costs, So You Were Told Did you ever wonder when those flashbacks would actually occur?  Were you really going to get them?    Flashbacks were to be punishment for your youthful indiscretions and used as threats designed to modify your behavior to be more Eisenhower like…. or else.  You were warned about them on […]

Terrorist Bees

Terrorist Bees Above is a small collection of bees doing their thing.  Bees are pretty tough to shoot and you need courage to get near them.  Beer helps.  Even if you manage to control your instinct to scream and run, they are almost impossible to get into focus let alone consider an artful composition.  Bees […]

Mantis Versus Bee!

Mantis versus Bee (Spoiler: Mantis wins) WOW!  Guts! Gore! Triumph! Loss!  JUST GROSS.  The mantis started at the bee’s head, and while the poor sucker was struggling to get free, the Mantis started…… to eat.  It went quickly and all that was left were a smattering of legs and hard parts littered on the leaves […]

Flowers and LR 5’s New Radial Filter

Flowers and Lightroom 5’s New Radial Filter I downloaded Lightroom 5 when it came out and wanted to experiment with some of its new editing features.  The one I tried here was called a radial filter.  You can highlight your subject with a circle or oval over it, and then change everything else around it.  […]

Shooting Hummingbirds 2 of 2

How To Photograph Hummingbirds 2 of 2 (With Flash) This blog article is the second of two: How to shoot hummingbirds in natural light without a flash (click here to go there) How to shoot hummingbirds with flash (This blog piece) I didn’t just shoot these hummers, I BLASTED them!  Yeah, I BLASTED these buggers […]

Lens Comparison What Millimeters Do

Lens Size… Does it Matter? Nothing announces your photography skills better than making an entrance with your big lens on full display.  The bigger the lens, the better the photographer.  But what does all this heavy glass really mean to you?  How much length do you really need to satisfy your drive to make art… […]

Pictures Within Pictures

First Flowers of Spring Spring is flowers, and while everything was still pretty much brown and dead, these flowers were popping up in a local park.  Unfortunately, these blue blooms were really tiny and not much bigger than my thumbnail so I took most of these shots lying on my stomach in the wet grass.  […]

A Day at a Local Arboretum

Tyler Arboretum: Ponds, Butterflies and Flowers I shot these snaps one afternoon at Tyler Arboretum sometime in July 2012.  Tyler Arboretum is in Media PA just outside of Philadelphia.  I really liked my trip here, although I must say it attracts plenty of children. Besides a huge area of ponds, flowers, and all kinds of […]