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Swallowtail Butterflies & Color

Swallowtail Butterflies You can’t go wrong with pictures of butterflies.  Why some bugs disgust us and make our skin crawl while others are symbols of all things good is just odd to me, but we do judge books by their covers.  The yellow ones here are Tiger Swallowtail butterflies and the black ones are Black […]

Flowers, a Pool, & Canon 70-200mm Lens

Flowers, a Swimming Pool, & Canon 70-200 Lens I went back to a place where flowers were planted next to a swimming pool.  I really like that blue water as a background.   Unfortunately, it is late in the year and there are not many flowers in bloom so I just shot a few of whatever […]

How to Transfer 35mm Slides to Digital

How to Convert 35mm Slides to Digital What to do with my entire library of 35mm slides?  I have roughly 3,000 slides in boxes, and loaded into Kodak carousels.  I gotta get them into digital.  In short, I used my Kodak carousel projector to back-light the slides and shot with them with my DSLR.  Only […]

Canon 500mm Review & Buying Used

Cannon 500mm f/4.0 L IS Review, Buying Used, and Usage Woohooo!  Lookie what I’m swinging.  A 500mm Japanese hardwood bat.  This thing makes you a great photographer just for owning it.   Besides the fact that I can be stupid with my limited funds, I am very happy I grabbed this expensive lens – no regrets. […]

Ewww! Bugs

Ewww!  Bugs.  Here is collection of stupid bugs.  How do I know they are stupid?  Any organism with so few brain cells that you can count them all is stupid.  These were just bugs that were around when I was out shooting other stuff.   I shot them with a variety of lenses and settings, but […]

Making Art and not Taking Pictures – Try Depth of Field

Well for a screaming amateur like me, talking about art is a bit of a stretch.  Heck talking about photography is a stretch for me too but after a few beers, I’ll talk about anything.  Ok, now that I have a few Pilsner Urquells in me, let’s talk about taking pictures and making art.  Update […]

Risking it all on a Moth! – Macro Close Ups

Now this was just stupid.  I risked over 6 grand in equipment to take a dopey macro picture of a moth. You don’t need to buy an expensive macro lens to do macro photography, you just need an extension tube. Click here to read about being dopey and using extension tubes.

Risking all on a Moth! Macro Close Ups

Now this was just stupid.  Look at what I risked to take a dopey picture of a moth.  Over six grand in equipment is teetering on a couple of lawn chairs and for what?   This macro picture of a common, boring moth won’t win any awards but I’ll tell you what, doing this was sure […]


Bruce DeBonis, The Intrepid Amateur I make no bones about being anything other than an amateur.  I just love traveling, seeing new things, and taking pictures.  The experience of seeing a great photograph that I took is something that is hard to beat.  I had little clue as to what I was doing when I […]

Shooting With Your Computer

Backyard Birds & Tethered Shooting Did you know that your own yard can be a wildlife photo studio?  You betcha it can and Pilsner Urquells are close at hand.  You need beer near for inspiration and to kill the boredom when the little rats, er um, birds don’t show up. I shoot birds at my […]

Backyard Birds & Feeder Shooting

Backyard Birds Dig these shots of your everyday backyard birds.  Did I trudge hours through jagger bushes and bramble only to wait for hours on end for a lucky moment?  Heck no, I have more sense than that (well for these few days anyway).  I cheated. I am fortunate to get a great amount of […]