Vulture Heads & British Judges

Vulture Heads & British Judges

Well what do you think of these critters?  Hot? Cute? Cuddly?  All I can say is that it will take more than a case of my favorite brain erasing fluid to even look at these things with one eye let alone two.

I snapped a few pics of these guys at Conowingo Dam in Maryland where they congregate in very large numbers.  They are also quite used to humans and love chomping on the rubber windshield wipers of parked cars while they carve their names and other profanities into your paint.

I must confess, I do dig the one with the groovy poof of white feathery-stuff on its head.


Euro what?  These guys have the great charm of defecating and urinating on their own legs to cool themselves…. kind of an alternative sweating system. 

British Judges

Oh wait, you thought these pictures were of the American Black Vulture?  No…. heck no… a common mistake.  These are a gaggle of British judges.

The Equipment:

  • Canon 5D MkII
  • Canon 500mm L f/4.0 IS
  • Gitzo 3530LS carbon fiber tripod
  • Wimberley II gimbal head
  • Strong stomach

Location Types: Conowingo Dam. Galleries: Vultures. Tags: 500mm, 5D Mk II, and Gitzo Wimberly.

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