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Flowers and LR5’s Radial Filter

IMG_6625TTPLightroom 5.Oh is buggy, wait for 5.2, but the new radial filter tool is pretty cool.  Examples here.

Click here for radial filter goodness.

Best Bird Field Guides

IMG_8559TTPWanna know how to identify a chicken from an eagle?  Wanna tell your innocent little four year old what kind of bird is jammed into your radiator?  Get a bird book, or what the Birder Brains call a Field Guide.  I tell you what to get and what to avoid.

Click here for the key to knowledge.

Shooting Hummingbirds 1 of 2

Canon 5D Mk II

These pics are just cool.  Hummingbirds.  You know you want to nail one, and I show you how here.

Click here for how to shoot hummingbirds without a flash.

Oystercatchers on the Beach

IMG_2318TTPOystercatchers…. oooooo!  Now this is unusual, pictures of birds.  I give some tips to getting bird shots and a big 500mm lens is not required!  Simple stuff really.

Click here for Oystercatchers and some tips.

Turnstones and Mating Horseshoes

IMG_3428TTPWanna see Ruddy Turnstones eating freshly laid horseshoe caviar?  Ooooo…. now I got ya going.

Click here to see some randy behaviors and dinner.

Black Racer Snake

IMG_1220TTPThese snakes are fairly common in the woods and marshes of New Jersey, and while not poisonous, will inflict a painful bite if provoked.  I saw this guy up in a tree just hanging out.  Nothing cooler than a snake than one named “Black Racer”.  Sounds like a TV adventure series.

Click here for snake!!!

Photo Software Recommendations

IMG_8364TTPDo you need to tweak your pictures in software?  Yes you do.  Don’t like sitting behind a computer?  Nerd work?  You will sit behind a computer to tweak your photos and yes you are a nerd.

Click here to see some pretty flowers and my recommendations for photo editing software.

Lens Comparison What Millimeters Do

Wanna know what happens when you move from a wide angle to a telephoto lens?  Your voice deepens and you get more dates!!!

Click here and get big!

Car Pics From a Point and Shoot

DSCN0460TTPDo you need a modern DSLR?  Do you need megapixels?  Do you need classic cars? Do you need beer?

If you answered “no” to anyone of these questions, please go away, this post is not for you.

Pictures Within Pictures

IMG_5766TTPPictures hidden in pictures.  A child’s game?  I think not!  This is serious stuff.

Click here and learn how you can find your “hidden picture”…. are you scared?

Elk in Elk County PA


Hey!  Did you know there are Elk herds in Central Pennsylvania?  I lived in PA most of my life and never knew it.

Click here to see some ratty, dopey, lazy Elk.

Beach Attack! Sanderlings!


Beach Attack?? Wha?  C’mon, there was no attack.  I just had to make a bunch of bird pictures sound exciting.

Click here to see some cool Sanderlings on the Jersey Shore… and as an extra bonus, no cigarette butts, Dorito bags, or beer cans.

Dopey Pictures of Ice

IMG_7602TTPWanna see some really stupid pictures of ice?  Yeah, that got you going… go ahead… you want it!

Click here for some dopey pictures of ice.

Birds on Ice

IMG_3352TTP-2Birds on ice.  Clever title?  Interesting subject?  What’s for dinner?

Check em out and watch them fall through!

A Day at a Local Arboretum

IMG_6933TTPCheck out what you can shoot in just a few hours at your local arboretum.  Butterflies and ponds.. woooohooooo, aren’t you getting excited. 



Click here to see what all the raves are about.