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Fish for Lunch

IMG_3802TTP Cormorants are pigs…. they have bad manners and just don’t share anything.

Click here to see some bird gluttony.

Day at Bombay Hook

IMG_0782TTPWanna see where a teensy bit of our Trilliony-Gigazillion dollar deficit goes?  To lazy drunken wildlife!

Click here to see these leaches in action.

A Day in Cape May

IMG_2555TTPLate May or early June and you want to take some bird pics?  No?  How about a day at the beach?  OK, do both!  New Jersey closes some beaches and sections of beaches to protect endangered bird species and this make a great day for photography.

Click here for information on where the closed, bird beaches are in New Jersey.


Fighting Greedy Rotten Eagles

IMG_4991TTPWha, the American Bald Eagles are what?  Oh you bet they are.

Click here to see your heroes behaving badly… er um… according to their nature.

Backyard Birds and Color Balance

IMG_3956TTPHow to get good color balance by using a gray card.  Oh, and I shoot some more dopey birds in my backyard.

Click here to learn you some color!

Winter Day in a Nature Reserve

IMG_1622TTPJust a few shots from a winter day at a New Jersey nature reserve.

Click here to see what is out there on a stupidly cold day.

Photo Illusion – Snow in Summer

IMG_1353TTP Wha?? Is that snow?  Why it is June.  I snagged some cool photos that appear to be snow in June.

Check out a chilly June here.

Terrorist Bees

IMG_5293TTPTerrorist Bees…. they are banded, they buzz, they have no fear……. I don’t like them.

Click here to be terrorized!  Yikes!

Yellow Rumps and Flash

IMG_0825TTPBirds, berries, yellow rumps, and a flash.  Ooooooo…….. did you realize you hit the jackpot with this post?

Click here to see some yellow Rumps caught with a flash.

Good Lookin’ People

IMG_0388TTP-2Do you wish that you had a good looking family?  I always did.  Check out some folks who can make a bad photographer (me) look good… er…  at least make for good photos.

Click here to see some good looking people.

A Day at Eastern Neck MD

IMG_1896TTPGoing to Maryland?  Wanna see some birds, water, and flies that bite?

Click here for a great nature reserve in Maryland.

Mantis Eats A Bee!

IMG_9455TTPBlood, guts and gore.  Yea, you love this.  You can’t turn away.  Give in and watch.

Click here and watch a Praying Mantis eat a Bumble Bee.  Yuck.

Audacity of Hope: Classic Cars

IMG_8502TTPCheck out these carriages and affectations of American royalty.  Just wow.  If only I studied a bit more… actually if I only studied.

Click here to see some rolling beauty.

More Killer Eagle Shots

IMG_9064TTPKiller Eagles!  And that they do!  In addition to the typical carnage, I provide some tips written by a real professional, Bill Jobes.

Click here for tips from a real professional!

Water Lilies 2

IMG_7519TTPMore water lilies!  More!  I want more water lilies! ….. ok, ok, you got ’em.

Click here for more of those stupid water lilies.