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Ratty Looking Loons

Boy, I spent all this money on equipment, risked life and limb out on the Jetty at Barnegat Light New Jersey, and the Loons showed up looking pretty ratty.  These Loons looked simply like hell.  Kinda like they broke into my beer fridge the night before and partied like there was no tomorrow.

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Making Art and not Taking Pictures – Try Depth of Field

Well for a screaming amateur like me, talking about art is a bit of a stretch.  Heck talking about photography is a stretch for me too but after a few beers, I’ll talk about anything.  Ok, now that I have a few Pilsner Urquells in me, let’s talk about taking pictures and making art.  The secrets of Depth of Field.

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Risking it all on a Moth! – Macro Close Ups

Now this was just stupid.  I risked over 6 grand in equipment to take a dopey macro picture of a moth.

You don’t need to buy an expensive macro lens to do macro photography, you just need an extension tube.

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Turnstones! Purple Pipers! Barnegat Jetty!! Basic Shooting Tips!!

I braved poopy rocks, salt spray on my mega-buck equipment, and the possibility of a broken leg to get these snaps of a buncha dumb birds.  Actually they were kinda cute and just maybe a little dumb.

Click here to see the birds, decorated rocks, and pick up a few basic shooting tips.

Sunsets, Composition, and The Rule of Thirds

OK, sunsets.  Big deal.  We all take them; your mother loves them; so I put a few up here. But using “The Rule of Thirds”, you can really make them better.

Click here to make a jaw-dropping sunset.  We’ll maybe not, but you will learn something about composition.

New York at Night…. Ooooo, Ahhhhh

I wanted to get a cityscape at night.  You know, like the ones you see in the magazines.   If you can pull it off, your friends all go, “Oooooo…. Ahhhh……

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Shoot the Moon! Shoot the Universe!!

Photograph the Universe!!

Sure, why not?  Your DSLR and lenses have more optical power than Galileo ever had.  One night, after way too many beers, I aimed the camera up and took a few pretty cool shots so I thought I would share them with you. 

Click here to read the whole pressed ham.

Food Fight! Eagle vs Blue Heron

This was cool.  A juvenile Bald Eagle was happily yanking out the innards of a tasty fish when a very hungry Blue Heron decided he needed that fish more than that eagle.  Food Fight!  Fish guts and feathers are flying!

Click here to see feathers fly!

The Role of Dumb Luck – Waxwings

Sometimes you just get lucky. I used to try and get lucky in the bars or at a party held by a friend but rarely did I have success. Even my trusted wingman Mr. Beer doesn’t improve my luck anymore. So where does one go for luck? Outsid

Click here to see the Waxwings… the result of just dumb luck.

American Goldfinches and Tethered Computer Shooting

I wanted to photograph these buggers ever since I put up the finch feeder but you just can’t get close to them.  So I snapped these by controlling the camera remotely from my computer via a long USB cable.  Complete camera control with a mouse.  This is called “Tethered Shooting” and it is easy.  And if you own a Canon camera, it is free!

Click here to see the pics and the setup.

Seagulls and Catching the Winter Light

I got a call from my friends Michael and Mati to run out and take some pictures.  Michael had just purchased Mati a new DSLR and she was excited to snap a few.  They wanted to head down to the beach at Atlantic City, New Jersey and find some photogenic seagulls that were sure to be mulling about.


Click here and see shore rats fly.


Beat Monet with a Polarizer! Water Lilies

The Mission: Find some water lilies and take their picture.  Some French guy named Claude Monet did it….. well so can I!! So can you! Why not?  Claude’s trick? He used a polarizer.

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