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Ewww! Bugs – Closeup Bug Tips

Here is collection of stupid bugs.  I shot them with a variety of lenses and settings, but here are a few tips for getting good shots of buggage.

Click here for Bug Land

Beer, Making Art, and Courage

Every day, I get asked, “How do you do it?  How do you get such inspirational results with just that blunt instrument called a camera?”  Well!!!!  Ahemm…First I… Then I…  well awright……., nobody ever asked me that.  But if they did, I would tell them……. it’s all in the beer!!!

Click here to learn the mother of all secrets.

Making Art and not Taking Pictures – Try Depth of Field

Well for a screaming amateur like me, talking about art is a bit of a stretch.  Heck talking about photography is a stretch for me too but after a few beers, I’ll talk about anything.  Ok, now that I have a few Pilsner Urquells in me, let’s talk about taking pictures and making art.  The secrets of Depth of Field.

Read about Art and DOF here.

Risking it all on a Moth! – Macro Close Ups

Now this was just stupid.  I risked over 6 grand in equipment to take a dopey macro picture of a moth.

You don’t need to buy an expensive macro lens to do macro photography, you just need an extension tube.

Click here to read about being dopey and using extension tubes.

Turnstones! Purple Pipers! Barnegat Jetty!! Basic Shooting Tips!!

I braved poopy rocks, salt spray on my mega-buck equipment, and the possibility of a broken leg to get these snaps of a buncha dumb birds.  Actually they were kinda cute and just maybe a little dumb.

Click here to see the birds, decorated rocks, and pick up a few basic shooting tips.

American Goldfinches and Tethered Computer Shooting

I wanted to photograph these buggers ever since I put up the finch feeder but you just can’t get close to them.  So I snapped these by controlling the camera remotely from my computer via a long USB cable.  Complete camera control with a mouse.  This is called “Tethered Shooting” and it is easy.  And if you own a Canon camera, it is free!

Click here to see the pics and the setup.

Beat Monet with a Polarizer! Water Lilies

The Mission: Find some water lilies and take their picture.  Some French guy named Claude Monet did it….. well so can I!! So can you! Why not?  Claude’s trick? He used a polarizer.

Click here to read more, and find out why Morticia is the enemy.