Ratty Looking Loons

Boy, I spent all this money on equipment, risked life and limb out on the Jetty at Barnegat Light New Jersey, and the Loons showed up looking pretty ratty.  These Loons looked simply like hell.  Kinda like they broke into my beer fridge the night before and partied like there was no tomorrow. 

I even sat in bird poop.  I was trying to get low to the water and get one of those shots of a Loon gliding gracefully over the water but instead, sat in some fresh, processed fish.  Great.

I think the Loons look ratty because their plumage is transitioning from breeding to non-breeding and I caught them in mid dress.  This goes to show that you can do everything correctly; the birds are there, the light was great, but something was just off.  Oh well….

Click here for more photos I took at the jetty of Ruddy Turnstones and Purple Pipers the famously too-cute Harlequin Ducks.

The Equipment:

  • Canon 5D Mk II
  • Canon 500mm f/4.0 L IS
  • Gitzo tripod with Wimberly head
  • Merrell boots with poop-gripper soles

Location Types: Jersey Shore. Galleries: Birds and Loons. Tags: 500mm and 5D Mk II.

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