Birds on Ice

IMG_3352TTP-2Birds on ice.  Clever title?  Interesting subject?  What’s for dinner?

Check em out and watch them fall through!

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A Day at a Local Arboretum

IMG_6933TTPCheck out what you can shoot in just a few hours at your local arboretum.  Butterflies and ponds.. woooohooooo, aren’t you getting excited. 



Click here to see what all the raves are about.



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Hawk With An Attitude

IMG_5240TTPCheck out this pompous ass of a hawk.  No really, check out his pompous ass.


Click here but be prepared to duck!


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Micro Focus Adjustment – Moiré vs Reikan

IMG_3075TTPDude or Dudette, if you are not a geek, don’t click on this.  Don’t do it…. it will hurt you.  This is about How To Set your Micro Focus Adjustment (MFA) on your DSLR to always get perfect focus. 


Click here for some crazy stupid geek stuff… but really cool.


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Pretty Women and Fill Flash

IMG_9579EWhat is better than looking at pictures of pretty women?  Why reading about fill flash of course!


Click here for more of my nieces and how I used fill flash.


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Swallowtail Butterflies & Color

You can’t go wrong with pictures of butterflies.  Why some bugs disgust us and make our skin crawl while others are symbols of all things good is just odd to me, but we do judge books by their covers.

Click here to see some flutter color.

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Crop vs Full Sensors and Zoom

What does a crop sensor camera do for your zoom lens?  What do beer, women, and pixels have to do with sensors? 

Well just click here to find out!!

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Backyard Birds & Feeder Shooting

Dig these shots of your everyday backyard birds.  Did I trudge hours through jagger bushes and bramble only to wait for hours on end for a lucky moment?  Heck no, I have more sense than that (well for these few days anyway).  I cheated.

Click here to see what crazy lengths I went to all for some bird pics.

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Killer Eagles and Nailing Exposure

Eagles stabbing fish with their bloody talons!  Yea, get the gore here.  I got some great shots at Conowingo Dam in Maryland and I like ’em!  I also talk about getting the proper camera exposure for birds in flight.

Click here for some expert fishing shots.

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Vulture Heads & British Judges

Well what do you think of these critters?  Hot? Cute? Cuddly?  All I can say is that it will take more than a case of my favorite brain erasing fluid to even look at these things with one eye let alone two.

Click here for a feast for the… well. um.. just click here will ya?

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Hawk Eating Squirrel

Yea boy, start with the entrails, work your way up the internal organs and then chew on the muscles.  Need some roughage?  Try the fur.

Click here and you will violently empty your stomach.

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American Bittern and 1.4x Teleconverter

I’ve been shooting birds now for about three years and only saw this gem once.  The American Bittern is one beautiful heron.  They hide in the tall grasses and are not easy to find.  I was driving along a salt marsh very slowly, close to the left side of the road, and almost missed this guy.  Actually I drove past him and something didn’t look quite right, so I put it into reverse, backed up slowly, and there he was!  I was so glad I stopped.

Click here for more of this cool heron.

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Lithium Batteries – Bad For Your Flash

I thought I would share a “technical incident” I experienced the other week.  I had a bad experience using Lithium batteries in my Canon Speedlight 430EX flash.  In short, I don’t recommend using lithium batteries in your flash.  Of course, YMMV, but I won’t use them anymore.

Click here to learn of the Evil that is Lithium.

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Wedding in Black & White

I attended my niece’s wedding a few weeks ago where I shot some pictures with my Canon 5D Mk II and the Canon 24-105 L f/4.0 IS lens.  So to prepare a bit, I checked out some of the on-line forums for professional wedding photographers and noticed that black and white (B&W) photos were usually part of their portfolios and they looked really cool.   So, I thought I would give it a try.

Click here to see my shot at black and white photography.

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