Backyard Birds and Color Balance

IMG_3956TTPHow to get good color balance by using a gray card.  Oh, and I shoot some more dopey birds in my backyard.

Click here to learn you some color!

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Winter Day in a Nature Reserve

IMG_1622TTPJust a few shots from a winter day at a New Jersey nature reserve.

Click here to see what is out there on a stupidly cold day.

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Photo Illusion – Snow in Summer

IMG_1353TTP Wha?? Is that snow?  Why it is June.  I snagged some cool photos that appear to be snow in June.

Check out a chilly June here.

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Terrorist Bees

IMG_5293TTPTerrorist Bees…. they are banded, they buzz, they have no fear……. I don’t like them.

Click here to be terrorized!  Yikes!

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Yellow Rumps and Flash

IMG_0825TTPBirds, berries, yellow rumps, and a flash.  Ooooooo…….. did you realize you hit the jackpot with this post?

Click here to see some yellow Rumps caught with a flash.

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Good Lookin’ People

IMG_0388TTP-2Do you wish that you had a good looking family?  I always did.  Check out some folks who can make a bad photographer (me) look good… er…  at least make for good photos.

Click here to see some good looking people.

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A Day at Eastern Neck MD

IMG_1896TTPGoing to Maryland?  Wanna see some birds, water, and flies that bite?

Click here for a great nature reserve in Maryland.

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Mantis Eats A Bee!

IMG_9455TTPBlood, guts and gore.  Yea, you love this.  You can’t turn away.  Give in and watch.

Click here and watch a Praying Mantis eat a Bumble Bee.  Yuck.

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Shooting With Your Computer

IMG_2993TTPHow to use a computer to control your camera and snag great bird pictures. 

Click here to turn your backyard into a famous photography studio!

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Audacity of Hope: Classic Cars

IMG_8502TTPCheck out these carriages and affectations of American royalty.  Just wow.  If only I studied a bit more… actually if I only studied.

Click here to see some rolling beauty.

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More Killer Eagle Shots

IMG_9064TTPKiller Eagles!  And that they do!  In addition to the typical carnage, I provide some tips written by a real professional, Bill Jobes.

Click here for tips from a real professional!

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Water Lilies 2

IMG_7519TTPMore water lilies!  More!  I want more water lilies! ….. ok, ok, you got ’em.

Click here for more of those stupid water lilies.

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Flowers and LR5’s Radial Filter

IMG_6625TTPLightroom 5.Oh is buggy, wait for 5.2, but the new radial filter tool is pretty cool.  Examples here.

Click here for radial filter goodness.

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Best Bird Field Guides

IMG_8559TTPWanna know how to identify a chicken from an eagle?  Wanna tell your innocent little four year old what kind of bird is jammed into your radiator?  Get a bird book, or what the Birder Brains call a Field Guide.  I tell you what to get and what to avoid.

Click here for the key to knowledge.

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