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Macro Lens vs Extension Tubes

5 100mm MacroShould you buy a macro lens or use extension tubes.  I show you examples of each and give you my recommendation.  Hint: I save you big money!!!

Click here for some advice.

How to Make and Photograph a Kaleidoscope

IMG_8232TTPThis is not for amateurs.  Pros only.  Don’t go here unless you are prepared.  I show you how to make a kaleidoscope and use your digital SLR camera to photograph those trippy colors and patterns.  Oh ya, you found the place.

Click here if you have way too much time on your hands.

Fred & Jamie

IMG_7265TTPsmAw, there I went and did it again.  I shot pictures of beautiful people.  This time I set a “studio” in my living room with a bed sheet and a few flashes.

Click here to see how you can set up your own studio with nothing but a bed sheet, a flash, and some beautiful people.

Vulture Dines on Racoon

IMG_6850TTPTurkey vulture versus a Racoon? Really, I think Rocky bit it long before these diners showed up.

Click here, grab a fork, napkin, and some good antacid as you are gonna eat well.

LightRoom Tutorial: Lillies

YouTubePlay How about a nice tutorial video on how to use LightRoom to make a pretty Water Lilly picture from a blown out, crooked mess of a photo?  Oh, I knew you were looking for just this.

Click here to watch my tutorial video on LightRoom picture editing.

Monster Caterpillar! AAHHH!!!

IMG_5836TTPAlien? Viscous attacker? Nightmare? Ex wife? Now you are just beginning to understand my issues run very deep…….

Click here to be disturbed….he he he he…….

Cars – How to Achieve the American Dream

IMG_6102TTPMoney, cars…. hmmm…. how do I get mine?  The answer is all around us… dream.  Don’t take no for answer.  Do it your way!  DREAM!

Click here for the formula, and my story……..

Cape May Butterflies

IMG_1209TTPSo where do you go to snap pics of the elusive and rare butterfly?  What, never saw one before?  Well head down to Cape May New Jersey in September and you will find them there.

Click here for migrating, Cape May Butterflies.

Fish for Lunch

IMG_3802TTP Cormorants are pigs…. they have bad manners and just don’t share anything.

Click here to see some bird gluttony.

Day at Bombay Hook

IMG_0782TTPWanna see where a teensy bit of our Trilliony-Gigazillion dollar deficit goes?  To lazy drunken wildlife!

Click here to see these leaches in action.

Groovy Soap Bubble Photography

IMG_3641TTPWhoaa…… dude!  Look at all the colors…. do you see what I see?  Gee… I think I can fly….

Click here to leave home without really flying.

A Day in Cape May

IMG_2555TTPLate May or early June and you want to take some bird pics?  No?  How about a day at the beach?  OK, do both!  New Jersey closes some beaches and sections of beaches to protect endangered bird species and this make a great day for photography.

Click here for information on where the closed, bird beaches are in New Jersey.


Monitor Calibration – Getting colors correct

MonitorGeeky stuff for the neurotic among us.  Did you know your monitor sucks when it comes to color?  Oh yea it does and you have to do something about it.

Click here to get good color and read about my new, $2000.00 NEC PA301W monitor.

Fighting Greedy Rotten Eagles

IMG_4991TTPWha, the American Bald Eagles are what?  Oh you bet they are.

Click here to see your heroes behaving badly… er um… according to their nature.